CAPS (Channeling Acute Pressure Series) by Oliver Bernardi


CAPS (Channeling Acute Pressure Series) is a photographic meditation on the process of creation through aerosol. Impactful and expressive, the caps have enabled the messages of freedom, revolution, and beauty to circulate in an unprecedented way. This series is an homage to the creative process with deep reverence for the vessel of its expression.


Bernardi’s ‘CAPS’  invites viewers to reflect on the significance of the miniature plastic remains and the magnitude of their history, the people they serve, and the work they inspire.


Building upon the initial eight images released in 2020, the 2021 CAPS show expands on the series to now feature thirty photographs of individual CAPS scavenged in site as well as sourced from artists, local and international.




CAPS (Channeling Acute Pressure Series) est une méditation photographique sur le processus de création par aérosol. Percutantes et expressives, les casquettes ont permis aux messages de liberté, de révolution et de beauté de circuler d’une manière inédite. Cette série est un hommage au processus créatif avec une profonde révérence pour le récipient de son expression.

« CAPS » de Bernardi invite les téléspectateurs à réfléchir à l’importance des restes de plastique miniature et à l’ampleur de leur histoire, aux personnes qu’ils servent et au travail qu’ils inspirent.

En s’appuyant sur les huit premières images publiées en 2020, le salon CAPS 2021 élargit la série pour présenter une trentaine de photographies de CAPS individuels récupérés sur le site en plus de provenir d’artistes locaux et internationaux.


• ──────✧༻᯽༺✧────── •


“I feel compelled to capture imprints of the  temporary, create evidence of contact - proof of presence. The use of light and photosensitive surfaces is the closest I have come yet to preserving or ‘immortalizing’ the fleeting.

I am inspired by inspiration itself. I find deep reverence for artists and their work - objects of beauty, and the drive to manifest the elusive, ever-shifting concepts of the intangible.


Residing within the space between creator and creation - The ‘CAPS’ (Channeling Acute Pressure Series) project is a meditation on process - a fossil of a manifested creative intention. A beautifully chaotic and unintentional landscape - a reliquary for the often discarded.


This minuscule object of massive impact, the channel with which messages of freedom, social change and revolution are made public. The tool that has facilitated the global rise in street art.  A history-shaping influence in the art world and for humanity at large.


By documenting these ‘capsules’ of process and giving them centre stage, I hope that their magnitude, impact and beauty can be seen, acknowledged, and meditated on.”







377 Saint-Paul Street West
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377 Saint-Paul Street West
Montreal, Quebec H2Y 2A7
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